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    Thumbs up WTB: Zibanejad,Johansen,Paajarvi,Luongo,Lack,Canucks & sets 2 complete>>

    Hey guys,want to see what u got for my collection...

    here are the players i collect:

    MAIN PC: Mika Zibanejad,Roberto Luongo,Eddie Lack,Yann Sauve

    MINOR PC: Ryan Johansen,Magnus Paajarvi,Bo Horvat,Hunter Shinkaruk,Jordan Subban (as of july 1,lol)

    here are the teams i collect:

    Vancouver Canucks,Ottawa Senators

    here are the sets im tryin to finish:

    10/11 & 11/12 Panini Contenders Rookie Auto
    11/12 Panini Titanium Draft Day Auto
    11/12 Panini Limited Brothers In Arms
    Any Panini Private Signings

    Any Panini Dominion and/or Upper Deck The Cup Rookie Patch Auto (Lo-Mid end for now)

    Thank you for looking,please pm...

    **please dont ask, look in my buckett,I will only reply to replies/pms with scans&prices,thx**
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    I have a ton of Sweet Sick Luongos in my bucket !:)

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    i need to spend sometime building you a lot tonight
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    UD Mask Collection N-LBT Roberto Luongo (White/Gray), Martin Biron (White), Jose
    Theodore (White)

    LMK if interested.


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    Bryan1121982: Will take a look as soon as I get a chance,thx
    Spxrules: Got the reg jersey version,gd enuf,thnk u
    Scottkoz20: A small lot for now will be awesome,thx
    FFEMT840: Sorry,guess i missed to mention, Luongo in Canucks only,thx though

    Keep it comin guys :)

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    Thanks 4 ur messaging, at this time im focusing more on:

    Zibanejad,Lack,Luongo,Sauve & finishing 10-11 Contenders RC/AUTO

    than other pc,unless its a great deal ;)
    thx guys....

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    I have these lmk if interested,


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    Now Collecting: Chris Johnson, Current Titans, Michael Jordan,
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    have these cards to offer from your wants, but sorry I do not have a scanner or photos at this point:
    2011-12 SPx Finite Rookies #F5 Mika Zibanejad 254/499
    2011-12 Elite Materials #50 Ryan Kesler (white swatch)
    2007-08 Upper Deck Game Jerseys #GJ2HS Henrik Sedin (blue swatch-bottom left corner has pinpoint white spot)
    2010-11 Zenith Winter Warriors Materials #MP Magnus Paajarvi (blue swatch)
    2007-08 Upper Deck Trilogy Scripts #S1RK Ryan Kesler
    2005-06 Black Diamond #289 Kevin Bieksa RC
    2011-12 O-Pee-Chee Black Rainbow #14 Ryan Kesler 14/100
    2009-10 SPx SPXcitement #X49 Ryan Kesler
    2009-10 Upper Deck MVP Gold Script #12 Ryan Kesler 56/100
    2008-09 Black Diamond Premier Die-Cut #PDC17 Henrik Sedin (cut in shape of the number one)
    2008-09 Black Diamond Premier Die-Cut #PDC18 Daniel Sedin (cut in shape of the number one)
    1997-98 Black Diamond #114 Daniel Sedin RC
    2005-06 Upper Deck #478 Kevin Bieksa YG RC
    2009-10 Upper Deck All World #AW29 Henrik Sedin
    2010-11 Upper Deck All World Team #AW5 Roberto Luongo
    2010-11 Upper Deck All World Team #AW33 Henrik Sedin SP
    2011-12 Upper Deck #246 Yann Sauve YG RC
    2011-12 Upper Deck #246 Yann Sauve YG RC
    2011-12 Upper Deck Victory MVP Inserts #128 Zack Kassian RC
    2011-12 Pinnacle #333 Zack Kassian RC
    could sell you the lot for for $55 dlvd, lmk either way, thanks

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