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    Blaster Box

    Can someone explain the Blaster Box setup? I want to buy a box of 2002 Hoops Hot Prospects Basketball, but the box is $85. A blaster box is only $24 (with 10 packs). Can you explain this and are the packs hobby packs?



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    I bought a box of these on Ebay for $16+$6 shipping. I pulled a $40 Kwame Brown Certified Cuts autograph and 4 rookie inserts. I believe it's a good value for the money.

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    lefty, holy crap! talk about nice return for investment.

    have you tried selling it yet on Ebay?

    Don't ya love Ebay - can get some really nice bargains!

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    I'm still waiting for payment from this guy in Japan. It's very hard to communicate with him(plus he's new to Ebay). Oh well, patience young grasshopper. LOL

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    Blaster boxes are not nothing but a smaller version of the regular box usually it is like a half of a box.

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    Wow, wonder why the blaster is only $24 for 10 packs, $85 for 15 packs! That's highway robbery! Long live blaster boxes! :)

    Nice pulls, lefty, hope I have that luck.


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    Is it smarter to buy:
    2 Blaster boxes - $46
    1 regular box - $85

    Take your pick.


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    plus if you buy fleer who are known to have hot boxes so I think you increase your odds of getting a hot box by buying 2 blaster v/s 1 regular box.


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