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Thread: Thinking I've made a mistake

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    Thinking I've made a mistake

    So I'm thinking I might have made a mistake in starting to collect Rich Peverley. It didn't take long, but I've realized that maybe I'm fooling myself, and I'm not enjoying collecting Peverley as much as I should be for another PC. When I receive a new Malhotra card at all, whether it's /10 or a OPC base card, I stare at it forever and treasure it like every card is a 1/1 Shield from The Cup. However, with Peverley, I find myself almost like I'm just going through the motions and it's nothing too special. It's not like I've dumped a ton of money on the PC yet, but I'm thinking maybe I should stop and reconsider. If the Bruins win the cup, do I try and sell off the PC, or the majority of it? I could keep a couple pieces, but I've got a few I could definitely sell. What do you guys think? Should I wait and see, or should I just get rid of it? I think I could probably be putting my money into more enjoyable PC items.

    Let me know what you guys think,
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    This might not seem like the answer you're hoping for, but I think you should sell the Peverley collection, and deep down you know that this is the right answer. Let's face it: If you're having these thoughts about your collection they might go away for a time, but there's always going to be a greater risk of you once again regretting to collect Peverley.

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    If there is no special feeling when you look at the Peverley cards and you are collecting him just for the sake of collecting, I would stop with the PC. I think you should start trying to sell off the PC now since the Bruins are in the Cup. You'll get more for the cards now than you will 6 months from now.
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    Dump it, get stuff you like.
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    From a collectors point of view you should be proud and happy with what you collect and enjoy it at all times.From a money view dump it now while the stove is hot
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    I started out collecting Lindros and Lemieux and a few small name players. In the past several years all of the newest Lemieux cards were out of my price range (except base)

    Last year I wanted a new challenge, so I started collecting Kovalchuk from scratch. It is fun and I have made progress, but the arrival of a new Kovy card is nothing like a Lemieux. Mario was the top of the mountain for me. I loved watching him play because he made magic on the ice. When I'd pick up a Lemieux card there were moments of, "I can't believe I got this card!" This is so awesome!" The card would be put on display until the next new arrival.

    Now, I get PC cards and it's like, "cool" and they get scanned and go right in the box.

    I have not picked up a single Lemieux card in over five years and I miss the excitement. Kovy brings some of it back, but not nearly as much fun as Le Magnifique
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    Seems an odd choice for a Canuck's fan?
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    Sounds like you have the 7 year itch and Malhotra is your new mistress :)

    anywho, all kidding aside, I wouldn't sell just yet unless you get some major offers. Sometimes a small break is all you need. Granted, the value could go down if you wait, but if you sell now and then regret it next year, you will be kicking yourself
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