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Thread: pack pulls for trade

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    pack pulls for trade

    picked up some packs from wal-mart yesterday. looking for current white sox players in return. here's what i pulled:

    06 Topps Heritage (4 Packs):

    R. Clemens #200 Red Shirt SP $10
    Jason Giambi #341 SP $8
    A-Rod/Mantle Then & Now Insert $8
    Dmitri Young Chrome #43 $4

    plenty of base & a few rookies pulled as well

    06 Fleer (4 Packs):

    Andruw Jones Lumber Company Insert
    Miguel Cabrera Stars of Tomorrow Insert
    E. Chavez/B. Zito Team Leader Insert
    V. Guerrero/B. Colon Team Leaders insert
    Rookies: 53, 150, 184, 218, 286, 311, 366

    plenty of base cards

    06 Upper Deck (4 Packs):

    Johnny Bench Diamond Debut Insert
    Michael Barrett /299 parallel
    rookies: 91, 433, 437

    lots of base available

    05 Donruss Champions (5 Pack Box):

    J.D. Drew (Dodgers) Impressions Materials Bat $5
    Lew Ford Impressions Materials Jersey w/stripe $5
    Victor Martinez Impressions Orange /75 $2.50
    David Justice (Yanks) Impressions #286 $2.50
    David Wright #194 $2
    Erubiel Durazo Impressions #180 $1.50

    also plenty of other base and some hof's (mays, b. robinson, banks & more)

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    would you take current Orlando Magic and White Sox base cards?

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    just dwight howard and jameer nelson...i will take any white sox that are on the team currently

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    I need V. Guerrero/B. Colon Team Leaders insert
    David Wright #194 $2

    I'll look to see what Sox I have and let you know tomorrow - I have a couple Howards too.

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    I will be out of town til Sunday but I will get you a list when I get back. Thanks!

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    This is what I have:
    2005 Topps Updated #UH123,133,138,184,243,262,131 Gold #1901/2005,22 Gold #1522/2005
    2006 Upper Deck #112 Joe Crede
    Sorry I dont have time to give the names for the Topps Updated as I wanted to give you a list but I need to leave for the weekend now. If you need names I will give it to you Sunday. I collect JT Snow, Jim Edmonds, Vlad Guerrero, Garret Anderson, Jason Schmidt, Pedro Martinez, and Frankie Rodriguez. Thanks!

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    did you happen to pull any Ryan Zimmerman from 06 Fleer or 06 UpperDeck?

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    Evidently I traded more Sox than I thought. the only one I can find right now is a 2006 Fleer Jim thome - says sox, pictured in phillies uni.

    I also have these 2 Dwight Howards
    05-06 Hardcourt
    05-06 Topps First Row.
    LMK if interested, and ill look for some more sox

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