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Thread: Need Paypal/or cash

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    Need Paypal/or cash

    Check my site, lmk wut u need. The only thing Not For Sale is the Wade and Melo Autos

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    I like these(in that order), check my trade list and LMK if you are interested in making a deal for any or all of them.

    03-04 Finest Carmelo Anthony RC Auto BV- 100
    SP GAme Used Michael Jordon GU (bulls uny) BV- 100
    04-05 Ultimate Collection Tracy McGrady Auto BV- 100
    04-05 Ultimate Signatures Tracy McGrady Auto BV- 100

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    the Mcgrady is gone, so is the MJ. and the Anthony I bought for 65. So I you tell me what your offer is/

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