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Thread: Auto Cards Looking For Trade

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    Arrow Auto Cards Looking For Trade

    Here is a list of OLD & NEW auto cards i am looking to maybe trade up with.

    Goose Gossage
    Anrde Dawson
    Oddibe McDowell
    Frank Tannana
    Dave Kingman
    Rick Reuschel
    Whitey Herzog (On a 59 Topps card)
    Bobby Richardson (1959 Topps card. Yankee)
    Bobby Shantz (59 Topps card)
    Doug Drabek
    Bill Virdon
    Tito Francona
    Bill (MOOSE) Skowron (59 Topps card)
    Herb Score
    Andy Pafko (59 Topps card)
    Jimmy Piersall (59 Topps)
    Carl Erskine(On a 59 Topps card)
    Sparkey Anderson (On a H.O.F card)
    Bobby Doerr (H.O.F Card)
    Bob Feller
    Dontrell Willis (Sweet Spots)
    Bart Star(GAI AUT.) In holder
    Walter Payton (AUT. Topps PSA Holder)
    Willie Mays (GAI Holder)


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I tried to TAKE THIS off the thread. Did not know how. SORRY. I just saw it did not belong here.

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    Dontrell Willis (Sweet Spots)

    is this the sweet spot auto

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    What do you want for your
    Dontrell Willis (Sweet Spots)?
    Do you have a scan?
    Visit my website and tell me what you need the link is below in my sig.

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    so you have more info on the dawson.. year brand etc...

    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    Yes. It's a signed 86 Donruss card. Ex-Mint. He is in a Expos Uniform.

    P.S Your collection is WONDERFULL

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    which of these cards are certified autos? Please provide more details... It would help to know which are certified/pack pulled autos vs. which are TTM (Through the Mail) or in-person
    All trades must be sent in bubble mailers. Thanks!
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    Currently looking for set needs, and GU or Autos of Gary Carter, Mike Piazza, & David Wright. Also into most HOFers & major stars.

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