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    Wink Any Nice U.K. Cards For Trade.?

    I would like to add to my collection of University of Kentucky Cards.Any Player Card Wearing A UK Uniform,Any UK Wildcat Logo on the card,Adolf Rupp.I'm Updating My Photobucket Now so let me know who you are looking for and ill post a scan.Got alot of Rookies,added the Baseball,Also FT/FS section has the Autos and GU i have left,a few more to put up so LMK..Thanks

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    Nice, Who are you looking for and a value of card you are looking for ?

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    Everybody but Wade I think.No Autos or GU of them but I'm pretty sure i have some rookies and nice inserts of them,Maybe give me a value and I will make you a nice 3-4 card lot of those players, if I dont have 1 to match it that you like.?

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    um yea i will take a few rookies or inserts or #d cards if u got any and i would like it to = about $10-15

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    I've got ..Darius '04-05 SkyBox L.E. Insert,"Shaped like an I" #61 .2$.
    Darius '00 Topps Second Coming -W- Kevin Garnett #287 .2$.
    Webber '93-94 UpperDeck Rookie #311. 3$
    Webber '93-94 Stadium Club Frequent Flyers Upgrade #352.8$ (This one may have changed I could only find it in an old Tuff Stuff)

    If this is enough let me know ,I think I may have some more.If you need these LMK.I can scan for you also.

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    Only ones left are in my Photobucket In The For Trade or Sale section.

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