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    Talking UD Generations, A box to remember

    I recently visited a local card show to pick up a box for myself before I go on vacation. I decided to go with UD Generations for the price of $35. My friend had bought one the week before and had pulled a Larry Bird All-Time Authentics Game Jersey (which he later traded to me). Anyhow, I looked at the Beckett on the way home from the card store and imagined all of the possible cards I could pull out of Generations. The excitement certainly did not stop there. I got home and went to my room where I immediately began to open the packs. Second pack into the box I came upon a Kevin McHale All-Time Authentics Game Jersey. I was happy with the pull considering it would look good along with my Bird Jersey. I went a couple more packs into the box and spotted the back of a jersey in an old school pack. It had the Celtics and Sixers logo on it. I slowly went through the pack before spotting the motherload: A Larry Bird/Julius Erving All-Time Authentics Dual Game Jersey Card numbered to 100!!!. I was flipping out at that point because I had not pulled a good card in a while. It was such a relief to see that card sitting in my hand in front of me. I could have not asked for a better box. What ended up happening was that I pulled FIVE numbered Rookies to 999 including Jay Williams, Drew Gooden, Tayshaun Prince, Dajuan Wagner, and Carlos Boozer. On top of all of this, I also received a Bibby Reel-Time Jersey as well. Generations gets my vote for the best box of the year. It is certainly the best $35 I could have hoped to spend.

  2. Kronozio
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    wow what a great box for you...

    do you want to trade that jay will rc

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    Great pull. What does the bird/erving dual book for? you defintily got your moneys worth

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    Great box, that Bird/Dr. J card sounds great...if you decide to trade it, let me know!

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    I plan on keeping the Dr. J/Bird card for now, but I would be willing to trade the Jay Will RC if a good deal is offered.

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    the dual jersey books 200, thats a great pull

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    Great box - That Bird ~ Erving Jersey #'d /100 is sweet. ~Congrats man~

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    Originally posted by Midnight Madness
    I plan on keeping the Dr. J/Bird card for now, but I would be willing to trade the Jay Will RC if a good deal is offered.
    well can you tell me what you are looking for.

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    I am not looking for anybody in particular. Any offers will be considered at this point.

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