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Thread: August 21 success

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    August 21 success

    John Leclair signed 5 cards for me c/o his home addy in 20 days.
    The cards took a rough ride back to me as 2 of the cards were a bit smudged and 1 got creased pretty bad.

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    Congrats on the Leclair success. That came back pretty quick. I'll probably send to him when the hockey season starts!

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    Congrats ~ He Autoed 5 cards!!! Thats very cool of him!

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    I live 15 minutes from his house , I got 2/2 signed a couple weeks ago myself . 1 of mine was also smudged . Also did you notice if your postmark was from Philly ? I sent to his home address but they came back from philly . Took 8 days .

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    Yeah it was from Philly.I didn't even really think about it till you said that. I guess he has a another home there or something.

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    I can't figure out how to put all my pictures up on my site so I thought I'd just put my Leclair's up here for everyone.

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