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    Take a Look In My Photobucket!!!!!!

    I'm really wanting to trade tonight....I will trade in your favor by a good bit....LMK if you want to trade.....thanks:new_shock

  2. Kronozio
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    interested in the Terrence Murphy g/u and the Favre plat if it is for trade

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    I would like this....LMK....I really don't want to trade the favre though

    2005 SPx Rookie Winning Materials Alex Smith (QB) #RWM-AS (Dual Jersey red and white)

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    the Murphy only books for $10.....the Smith books for $ problem on the Favre, as I already have one of the there anyting else you see more in the range of the Murphy

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    sry I didn't see anything did you want anything else in my bucket? LMK I'm watching a movie now so I won't be on for a little bit....thanks

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