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Thread: Anyone Know CEX?

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    Anyone Know CEX?

    What Is It In Relation To BGS?
    I Have A Joseph OPC Premier CEX 8.5

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    CEX isn't a BGS product... I'm not familiar with it though... it's likely a small grading company...

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    jeez, last thing we need is more grading card companies.

    the death (or at least dramatic drop-off) of baseball card collecting started around the late 1980s, when a ton of card companies began to produce their own cards.

    I've never heard of CEX.

    hey, I suggest we start our own grading company, and called it
    SCF (for SportsCardForum).

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    cex is another garbage grader dont use if u want to resell your items

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    radiohead and jdfan --- thanks. I've never seen a CEX-graded card on Ebay. Of course, I don't see every auction offered.

    I mostly see PSA and BGS, and occasionally, a SGC

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    I have never heard of CEX.

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    Never heard of them, and if it isn't PSA or BGS I don't buy because most people won't recognize them as a reliable grading company...

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    congrats on your sell; Ebay is a fascinating flea market, huh?

    Stuff that you think is trash becomes a piece of treasure for someone else.

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