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    Selling Everything - Really Cheap

    just tell me who ur looking for and i'll get u a list of all the cards i have of him / them along w/ a price asap

    also, if ur just looking for jsy or rcs or a combination, etc, lmk and i'll tell u wat i have

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    any denver broncos besides maurice clarret...# ed rc's or autos.

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    Ron_Mexico - ya, i did, i have a slight problem, my friend was at my house, and for some reason he decided 2 b an and shredded 2 of the cards u were lookin at, so i'm tryin 2 c if i can replace them off of him 2 still b able 2 get u the cards u were lookin at, i'll lyk asap, but a money order is still fine w/ me

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    dean - somehow my collection is completely devoid of broncos, unless ur lookin for base as well, in which case i'll get u a list asap

    and i still have those matt jones fs if u want them

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    deuce mcallister-all
    drew brees-all
    jerseys and autos
    devery henderson
    joe horn
    donte stallworth
    any other saints
    retired stars/college game used/multi color gu

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    no thanks on the base, and no thanks on jones....

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    dukeboy - srry, dont have n e of those

    dirtydistance - gettin a list for u right now

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