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Thread: Anyone for a Trade?

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    Anyone for a Trade?

    My Tradelist

    Looking for...
    Amos Zereoue (Cards I Need)
    Avon Cobourne (Cards I Need)
    Jamal Lewis (SPx & SPA Rookies)
    Ken Dorsey (SPx & SPA Rookies) (Yes, I know, SPx & SPA aren't out yet for Dorsey!)

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    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #182 Q. Griffin RC Auto/A. Savage RC

    What does this book? LMK


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    $30 Last tiem I checked; it's currently being redeemed. We could work something out though.

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    I like your culpepper Finest RC and Bryant Johnson Elite RC I don't have the two RB your looking for, but I have a Quincy Morgan 01 Fleer Legacy Post Dated Auto BV 25 and a 01 Rod Gardner Fleer Rookie Retro jsy BV 25 I would trade you either one of these and a Deshaun Foster 02 Topps Pristine NFL Reebok jsy BV 8 for both of those cards. Everything I'm offering is in perfect shape. I only want the two cards if they are in nice shape no dings on corners or borders. Also no creased or scuffs on surfaces...

    Clay Scott
    email is

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