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Thread: NFL Mock Draft: Top 20 Picks

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    NFL Mock Draft: Top 20 Picks

    I had the Top 10 last week, on Sunday I added 5 teams. Now I will add 5 more teams.

    1. Houston: Reggie Bush RB; Best Player in the draft. He will impact Houston right away.

    2. New Orleans: D. Ferguson OL; Impact Player, New Orleans need impact players and O-Line help.

    3. Tennessee: Matt Leinart QB; Norm Chow is coach of the offense and Leinart is the best QB in the draft. A very solid pick at #3 here.

    4. New York Jets: Mario Williams DE; The Jets will either trade up to take Leinart, but at this pick Williams is the best player left.

    5. Green Bay: AJ Hawk LB; After Jim Bates left the Packers will need help on defense and one of the best in the draft is AJ Hawk.

    6. San Francisco: Vernon Davis TE; The 49ers need a lot of help and Davis will be an impact player, provide depth, and help improve a their young QB.

    7. Oakland: Vince Young QB; The Radiers will take the best player avialbe at QB. Young has the ability to bust or shine and Oakland has a good offense for Young.

    8. Buffalo: Winston Justice OL; The Bills need O-Line help. Justice might be the best o-line player in the draft, so it would be a great pick up for the Bills.

    9. Detroit: Michael Huff CB; Huff is the best DB in the draft. The Lions lost some this off season and they will get a good one with this pick.

    10. Arizona: Jay Cutler QB; The Cardnails need a QB. Cutler is the bet one at this point, with an Arizona team who may be a QB away from the playoffs.

    11. St. Louis: Jimmy Williams CB; The Rams don't have a great secondary. Williams might be the best player at this point and a great pick for the Rams.

    12. Cleveland: Haloti Ngata DT; The Browns need better Starters and help on defense. Ngata may be the best DT in the draft.

    13. Baltimore: Brodrick Bunkley DT; The Ravens need to get the best player left to help out there starters. After losing some DT to free agentcy Bunkley is a great pick.

    14. Philadelphia: Chad Jackson WR; Terrell Owens type Talent. He is the bet WR in this draft and should be a great impact player in Philly.

    15. Denver: Santonio Holmes WR; The second best WR in the draft. The Broncos need a WR since Lelie doesn't want to play in Denver.

    16. Miami: Johnathan Joseph CB; The Dolphins will get a WR or CB. The best one of the two positions is Joseph at the 16th pick.

    17. Minnesota: DeAngleo Williams RB; This may be a steal in the draft. The Vikings haven't had a dominate running back since Robert Smith and Williams could be a stud.

    18. Dallas: Jason Allen S; Another DB going in the top 20. Allen can impact the Cowboy secondary as they are builded a championship caliber team this off-season.

    19. San Diego: Donte Whitner S; An imediate impact player and a much needed position for the Chargers. They will take a WR or DB with this pick.

    20. Kansas City: Tye Hill CB; There will be up to 10 DB's gone in the first round. Hill will be the Nickel Back on a building Cheif defense.

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    Gotta say Id change your Vikes pick. I cant see them taking Williams cuz he cant catch well. Its gonna be a TE, LB, or Laurence Maroney (My Hope is Maroney). Gotta say I see Mario going #2 as well. Otherwise, looks pretty good.

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    The saints dont need Mario. I think he will be 2nd taken with a trade, but i dont want to say there will be a trade in this years draft in my mock draft. Williams is awesome and a steal at 17, he will be a fine running back for the vikings. It is either him or Ernie Sims.

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    I disagree. I watched him in the drills, and he is awful at catching. In the Vikings west coast offense, they need a back that can catch, something hes just not good at. Hes ok, but Maroney is a safer pick. I would figure Vikes take either 1) Maroney 2) Greenway or 3) A CB / S Hill Possibly

    Mario will go to Saints I figure. They could use someone to complement Will Smith.

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    there is nothing wrong with Charles Grant even though they could get williams. It should be interesting to see what happened.

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    I think vernon davis is an absolute freak, at 250 lbs no one should be able to run a 4.32 40. I would be very pleased if the 49ers were to take him, and i also think that donte whitner could drop to the 49ers with the 22nd pick

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