I have these to trade:
05 Score Carlos Rodgers Rc $1.25
05 Score Adam Pac Man Jones RC $1.00
00 Score Curtis Keaton Rc
96 Stadium Club Lawyer Milloy Rc
99 Bowmans Best Tim Couch Rc
99 Black Diamond Tim Couch Diamond Gallery Insert
99 UD Century Legends Tim Couch Rc
99 Edge ODyssey Tim Couch Rc Fourth Quarter
95 Classic Junior Seau Game Breakers Insert
99 Pacific Jay Fiedler/Todd Bauman Rc's
87 topps Dan Marino #233

My first priority is base, Rc's, and inserts of Keiwan Ratliff, Madeiu Williams, Odell Thurman, Justin Smith, David Pollack, and Shane Graham, Jonathan Vilma, DeAngelo Hall, Zach Thomas, jason Taylor, Chris Chambers, Dennis Northcutt, Dunta Robinson, Andre Johnson, Champ baily (Broncos Uni only), Jake Plummer (broncos uni only), I can also use current Cincinnati Reds like Dunn, Griffey, Encanarcion, LaRue, Kearns, Can use previous reds stars like Larkin, Bench, Sabo, Rose, Morgan (reds uni only), and others.

If you have some cards for me and can't use anything listed then please tell me the team/player you collect and I'll reply with a count of cards that I have for you.