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Thread: WTTF: Mavericks

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    WTTF: Mavericks

    Hey everyone, looking pretty much for anything I don't have of the following players:

    Dirk Nowitzki
    Josh Howard
    Marquis Daniels
    Devin Harris
    Michael Finley (In Mavs uniform or rookie stuff in Suns uni only)
    Rawle Marshall
    Josh Powell

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    What Rawle Marshall and Josh Powell are you missing?

    Are you trading for gu, auto, #d, base?

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    I'm missing ALL Rawle Marshall and Josh Powell. lol Actually, had turned my attention too much to my baseball collection and started neglecting my Mavs. I am trading for ANYTHING I don't have, including base. LMK!

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    Dirk Nowitzki
    04/05 UD diamond collection #16
    04/05 UD diamond collection all star lineup #AS14
    04/05 topps bazooka #41
    04/05 topps bazooka Quad #8 AK, nowitzki gasol stojakovic
    04/05 fleer authentix #38
    04/05 skybox fresh ink #41
    04/05 EXL #66
    04/05 fleer throwbacks #53
    04/05 Fleer Genuine @Large #14 of 20
    04/05 Topps #41
    04/05 Skybox LE #20

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    FORDMAN- I can use all of those besides the 04-05 Topps. I have tons of Reggie Miller, but they are not together...but scattered in a ton of my boxes. Let me know what you would want to do.

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    The problem is i have tons of Reggie Miller too and im not really looking to get more base of him. I would like to trade for base of lebron, kobe, wade, melo etc.

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    If you are looking for base I have these and should have some other base players listed and finley rc's. just looking for yao's and current pistons. lmk

    98-99 Upper Deck
    00-01 Sp Authentic
    01-02 Topps
    01-02 Fleer Marquee
    01-02 Topps TCC
    01-02 Hopps Hot Prospects
    02-03 Fleer Platinium
    02-03 UD Honor Roll
    02-03 Fleer Hot Shots
    03-04 Sp Authentic
    03-04 Flair Final Ed.
    04-05 Sp Authentic x3
    04-05 Fleer Ultra
    04-05 Skybox LE
    05-06 Hardcourt

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    FORDMAN- That should work out better than having to hunt for the Miller's anyway. lol Let me see what I have and get back with you!

    YAOFAN- I can use these:

    00-01 Sp Authentic
    02-03 Fleer Platinium
    02-03 UD Honor Roll
    02-03 Fleer Hot Shots
    03-04 Sp Authentic
    03-04 Flair Final Ed.
    04-05 Fleer Ultra
    05-06 Hardcourt

    I'll let you know what Yao's and Pistons I have.

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    ok ill check back tommorrow and also look and list more that I have of other players on your list. thanks

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