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Thread: 2006 hit

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    2006 hit

    has anybody opened a box of 2006 hit? i was wondering what the odds are for autos and GU per box?


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    5 autos/gu box
    busted two boxes with no mojo...
    got lots of decent star player base and insert and a couple decent autos... I would wait for other sets...

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    your gaurented 5 autos and one Jersey.

    If you want to see what I got from a box so you get an idea feel free to stop by here

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    I personally liked the Press Pass better, the sage hit base cards are cut out of basically card board... Even though my sites graphic designer designed the Design for Success cards.

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    i just busted a box of hit, i got 6 autos and 1 jersey card, including a matt leinart gold auto /250...

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    yep got four of them:

    ernie sims
    paul pinegar
    ashton youboty
    leonard pope

    also got a silver of martin nance

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