I just posted a couple nice autoed cards in the high end catagory-One of Carnell C Williams-And one of Don Mattingly-But still have some for thr trading zone-What i have-that im willing to trade-Is a nice 1997 Topps Derek Jeter Rookie Of The Year card-and a 2004 Fleer Classic Clippins card-With four players game used bats on it-Serial #43/75 and has Vladimir Guerrero/Miguel Tejada/Jason Giambi/Mike Piazza on it-The next card is of Sean Casey-This is from the 2005 Donruss Diamond Cuts-Serial #20/25
And this card has a verry nice auto of him-Along with a piece of his jersey and bat game used-Then theres a card from the 2005 Donruss Signatures-called Ink Credible-and is of Clint Nageotte-thats done in blue ink-and of J J Putz done in black ink-
Im sorry-But besides pay-pal offers-The only thing im really looking for right now in baseball-is that of Albert Pujols-or a game used or autoed from one of our past greats-Mantle-Dimaggio-Ruth-back in those days-But will maby trade for others down the road-I am looking for some nice higher priced NASCAR cards-pack pulled autoes and car parts cards of Dale & Js-Tony Stewart-Jeff Gordon-Kasey Kahne-