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    ive got 2 autumn warriors dual jersey cards. a Leftwich/Vick and a Dillon/Portis

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    could use them both. let me know bv's and what you would need for them

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    chris chambers redemtion auto number 46 of that set:new_shock

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    its still ready to send, just recieved it in a trade....lmk

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    here are my inserts from 2 boxes:

    4th down eli manning bv: $8
    1st down chad pennington bv: $2.50
    3rd down mike vick bv: $5

    rookie roll call:
    Terrence Murphy bv: $2.50

    mozaics team cards
    baltimore ravens w/heap,boller,j. lewis bv: $3
    Cincinnati Bengals w/palmer,johnson,c. johnson bv: $3

    tom brady bv: $6

    aerial assault
    mike vick bv: $4

    canton bound
    brett favre bv: $8

    mike vick bv: $6

    I could use these from your sites

    05-06 Rookie Debut Chris Paul
    05-06 Bazooka Channing Frye All Access Shooting Shirt
    92-93 Topps Shaquille O'Neal RC

    I could probally pick a few more out if you are intrested in my cards

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    paul was traded
    Still have the Frye and Shaq rc, but will only trade those if it is VERY well in my favor. Not trading straight bv for inserts if I give gu's or rc's

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