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Thread: HOF auto for trade #erd to 25

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    HOF auto for trade #erd to 25

    03 upper deck generations kareem abdual jabbar/tyson chandler-DUAL AUTO!-#ERD 23/25

    No lowballing on this guys...there is one in the same set not #erd and not an sp booking st $100...make an offer in trade amount...if you feel as if chandler deflates the bv..after we complete a can feel free to cut his auto off! He has dont nothing nut help te bulls make it to the playoffs the past 2 yrs...this is an on card auto...not one of those sticker autos

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    For high end, Ill just list names, not sets atm, if you like the name, lemme know and Ill tell u set, etc:
    2 Vince Carter Autos
    Amare Auto
    Devin Harris RC Auto 3 Color Patch /34
    Culpepper auto bv 150
    McNabb auto /50 bv 100
    Vinny Testaverde Auto /5
    Nolan Ryan auto /50
    Eli Manning auto /25 (books 125, need the 175 i have into it, its Pc)

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