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    Need Jay Cutler stuff any and all

    Newest Denver Bronco bring them on

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    Good luck, Adam. Tons of Cutler collectors out there. We're not talking petty collectors, I'm talking guys with loot. Detox, Palmer9, etc. Gonna be an expensive year for all you guys.

    Thank goodness I don't have to collect anyone expensive, as the Bears didn't pick any stars. Only dude that's a non-Bear that I'm collecting is Maurice Stovall, simply because he went to Notre Dame and I saw him and a couple other Irish players at a bar in South Bend and had a shot with them.

    So basically what I'm saying prepared to have some mad loot bro, lol.

    Glad I'm not you or any other Cutler guy!

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    Oh i know but ill get my few Im not like them going after all the LCM /5 autos I just want a couple for me and a couple to move at local shows

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