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Thread: Looking for Chris Bosh rc's

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    Looking for Chris Bosh rc's

    I'm looking for chris bosh rcs. Let me know what you have and what you would want from my tradelist.

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    I have a Bosh BD rookie will trade for 03-04 Topps Dwayne Wade RC. lmk

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    I like the bosh pristine uncirculated. not really interested in any of the others.

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    03-04 Topps Rookie Matrix CARMELO ANTHONY/BOSH/HINRICH #113, 114, 117
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Trio Rookie BOSH/SWEETNEY/HAYES #292
    03-04 MVP CHRIS BOSH #204
    03-04 Victory CHRIS BOSH #104

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    ive got alot of bosh rcs....unfortunately im at work right now... ill dig them up when i get home and list them for ya.

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    only looking for topps, and tops chorme, bowman, and topps pristine. DOnt want anything really high end. have all the low crap.

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    im pretty sure i have most of the ones youre looking for....but in bowman...the only one you're gonna find thats not high end is the bowman gold...the regular bowman and bowman chrome are autos. just thought id let ya know. i get off at 6 so ill post them around 7 or 8.

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