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Thread: Dumping a load!?!

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    Dumping a load!?!

    Anyone who wants to dump a huge common & semistar G/U lot for some nicer stuff, look at my bucket- must be willing to trade your junk off at $1.50 per- but for 40 junk GU you could own the HACK WILSON bat, so if you got it lying around...

  2. Kronozio
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    So how many commons would it take for an auto or jersey?

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    i like your boozer wood/logo patch. take a look at my site and lmk what you can use. thanks

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    Sorry, boozer was traded moments ago for 30 g/u commons- anything else interest you- maybe the Jacque Jones Zenith MLB Logo Patch? The Hack Wilson bat?

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    how many gu for the jaque jones patch? and how many for the Roy Campenella bat card? and are you taking all sports? lmk thanks
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    20 common ones, (if there's semistars, possibly less) yes all sports are fine... pm me a list!
    Golf, soccer, racing, tennis... these are all acceptable as well as the big 4...
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    did i have anything else for any of the Dunn or Arod's?

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