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Thread: Looking for Huge lots

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    Looking for Huge lots

    All right I have decided to expand my base selection. I am buying huge base lots of Baseball cards football cards and basketball cards. I am buying at .02 a card. There are a few rules that you have to follow besides that just list the # of cards and I will send money out for the cards dont need a list.

    ~No Checklist
    ~No Managers only players
    ~Must be 2006 cards
    ~All Must be in MT comdition

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    .02 includes shipping unless you can give me a list of some of the cards I am getting the star players and how many I am getting and I may raise the price a few cents a card.

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    If you don't pick up at least some of the shipping, we are basically paying you to take them. As for stars, a few have posted lists and done ok buying, maybe better for you to try in my opinion.

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