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Thread: How did your team do?

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    Question How did your team do?

    Well, my Eagles really screwed up. All we have for WR is Todd Pinkson and instead we get a defensive end, the positions we have too much of. I cannot believe we passed on both Chad Jackson and Santonio Holmes. Also, we passed up the chance of getting a great RB in the 2nd round Lendale White. But, instead we pick a guy just like T.O in Winston Justice, we also have a good offensive line.

    So how did your team do?

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    EVen though I like simms I still woulda really liked the lions to get leinhart. And ernie prolly gunna kill himself one of these days with those hits, what'd he have 7 concusions in college.

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    i agree but the lions did alright i still wouldve like lienert not 4 veteran older QBs

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