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Thread: Need Bulls

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    Need Bulls

    let me know players your interested in and ill get you a list and let me kno what bulls you got

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    check my list for bulls i know i have hinrich and duhon and more. interested in reggie miller and tayshaun prince

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    got a mike sweetney topps chome rc, but its with the knicks
    then got a deng press pass rc, candler mvp rc, 06 rc debut curry, o4 fleer tradation davis, lmk if u can use anything, thanks

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    i've got a ben gordon 05-06 rookie debut sizzlin swatches

    looking for Fred Jones, or other Pacers

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    i have these Bulls Cards for Trade/sell:

    03-04 Flair Showcase Legacy #ed125 Mario Austin
    00-01 Upper Deck Encore Warm-Ups Marcus Fizer
    97-98 Bowmans Best Best Techniques Michael Jordan
    97-98 Bowmans Best Best Techniques Dennis Rodman


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    03-04....Eddie Curry final flair cuts and glory jsy/auto.....#'d/15 (in bulls uniform)???

    Lmk if ur interested

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    I have a Duhon RC Patch and a GU/AU on my scansite.


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    Interested in super cool multi colored patches, dude. lol.

    I have a Kirk Hinrich Fleer Crystal /125 RC, bv 40.

    I would be looking specifically for like an Ultimate Collection Game Patch. Those usually book about 30-40 for most players. I also collect AK autos and multi-col GU and base, Boozer autos, Arenas Autos, Diaw GUs and AUs, and all other players listed in my PC on my site if you feel like looking.

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