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    Official Order Thread. Factory Seales boxes For Sale

    Well I figured it was easier to make one thread that I could just update and bump to take orders instead of a new thread everyday so here it is.

    I will post daily and weekly specials throughout the week as well as a full product price list as soon as I have one made up. For now post here or PM me what box you are interested in and I will get you a price. My company policies are listed below

    Free shipping for orders over $150

    Presells will ship upon receipt and must be paid for at time of purchase to ensure presell price.

    Prices quoted include shipping. The price I list is the price you pay.

    Prices quoted are to the US 48 states. For international orders, let me know in your PM or post where you are from so I can get you an accurate DLVD price.

    Anyone with questions, You may PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Daily Specials

    2006 Topps Triple Threads $249 DLVD

    Other hot sellers

    2006 Fleer Greats of the Games $ 115 DLVD
    2006 Topps Co-signers presell $ 140 DLVD
    2006 UD Sweet Spot Baseball $ 105 DLVD
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    Today's order has been placed for pickup. All orders from now untill 10 am tomorrow will be placed for tomorrow pickup.

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    up for the evening. will be updating the weekly specials for next week shortly

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    morning bump. Looking for some suggestions on what would make this thread easier to use. I have sold many hockey and football boxes but no baseball. Would it be better to get a price list and put it in the thread until my website is up? Any input would be great!!! thanks

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