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Thread: need Bo Hart

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    need Bo Hart

    i need anything Bo Hart.i will trade whatever you need in return.looking to get a few RCs of hart also.anyone who has anything please lmk!


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    ok what do you need for them?also i only need 1 of each card im getting.

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    ok well im looking for bill freehan and al kaline but their kind of scarce i also collect braves and astros lmk i would also look at any list of baseball gu autos or inserts lmk thanks.

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    travlncard:ok waht do you need in return?

    bravesastros:have these 2 GU/Auto for trade:

    2002 Fleer Larger Than Life Mo Vaughn Jersey
    2005 Topps Fan Favorites Sid Fernandez Auto

    lmk if you need either.
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    well i dont need either but lmk if you find somthing else that card isnt going anywhere

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    ok i know i have a 1971 Topps Al Kaline not sure of the condition.

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    thats pretty awesome but i usually try to get autos for autos and the kaline deff outweighs the hart regular rc

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    well for now we could just trade for the regular Hart RC if you want.

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