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Thread: Trading

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    Check my site and lmk what you like.
    Collecting Current Bruins

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    i like the jerome williams auto--check my previous threads for my list--all i ahve is basketball to trade

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    I like any of these.Is there anything else you liked.

    05 sp game used--kris Humphries 9/10
    03 upper deck finite elements dual uniforms—robinson/Duncan
    05 sp authentic rookie authentic fabrics—ben Gordon
    05 sp game used authentic patches dual—walker/payton 10/50
    Collecting Current Bruins

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    haha wow- i just traded 3 outta the 4-- i only have the gordon left--what does the williams BV

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    I think it books only 8
    Collecting Current Bruins

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    hmmm ok--well i guess i kinda like the Byrd auto and jenkins GU??

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    I like the Josh Smith auto from Bowman Signature.
    Collecting Current Bruins

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    ok but u dont have anything i like worth the same---i thought u wanted the gordon for now??--do u have any baseball autos that have higher BV

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    Din't have anything higher value.
    How much does the Gordon book.
    Collecting Current Bruins

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