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    What a Pack

    I recently attended a card show and some seller had unopened 1984 Topps FB for 10.00 a pack. 10.00 a pack I thought woooo that is high but I remember my favorite player Dan Marino RC was in along with Elway. I thought what the hay I spend 10.00 on 2 packs all of the time and get nothing. So I picked up the pack on top. Wait a momment I put it back and grabbed the pack 3 packs down.I paid for it my wife ask me well open it. I felt like Charlie in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I waited til I left the show and got in the car to go home. 4th card down BAM there it was my Marino RC. I was happy you thought I had won the lottery. Went home put it a screw down and added it to my other 4 I had already had. I remember buying these back in 1984 for I believe .30 a pack. I never collected fb cards before that year, but when the Dolphins drafted Marino I knew he was going to be great, I just would have never thought he would never have a Super Bowl ring.
    Next time I go at a show I will pick up another 10.00 a pack of 1984 Topps FB which back in 1984 I could have had he whole box for about 10.00.
    Go Dolphins

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    wow awesome pull... card has a bv of 80!!!... not bad for 10 bux... have u ever thought about getting it graded???

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    I have thought about it, but it probaly would not grade well. I do have another one I would grade very high I have thought about sending it in.

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    $10 for that pack is actually a pretty good price. Nice job.

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    Yeah, $10 is a great price. Congratulations on the great pickup.


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    I agree, $10 a pack for those packs isn't that bad. Marino or Elway would have been a nice pull, even a Montana would have made me quite happy. Unfortunately, even fresh out of wax, its tough to get nice gradeable cards from the early eighties football. A lot of the cards are off center, or worse. Glad you got a nice pack!

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    Originally posted by dkspex23
    Yeah, $10 is a great price. Congratulations on the great pickup.

    LOL! I didn't realize I did this. I have at home, one for work and the one I am on now for recreation. I came on SCF and posted on my friend's username. He is also an analyst with our firm. Remind me not to use my work computer for recreation :D


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