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    Very little demand on the market for KSA graded cards. I believe they specialize in grading hockey cards.

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    no KSA is a canadian company, i got some done at the spring expo cuz beckett didnt show up (SARS) and the price was ok

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    Wow, how about that...I had never even heard of them. Which, is very telling about their reputation in the grading business...

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    I think the reason more people haven't heard of them is because they are a CDN company. I have seen some of their cards, adn they seem pretty accurate. They do more hockey than anything else, though. KSA graded cards actually sell reasonably well on as well. I haven't personally set anything though.

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    It would just be a waste of money to grade with them. Even if they are accurate with their grading they don't have the reputation of a PSA or BGS. It would be hard to sell any of their cards.

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