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    10/15/2013 GDT: San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues

    5-0 Sharks visit the 4-0 Blues. Someone's undefeated streak is about to end.
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    Another game, another unbelievable cheap shot, seeing guys go off on stretchers is getting real old...
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    I sure hope Lapierre gets a very long vacation from the game
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    Any word on Dan Boyle today? I dug around last night and found some text that Joe Thornton said in an interview following the game.

    "Danny did not respond to anything the Trainer, or the Doctor said, when asked a question, he just stared blankly!" "He looked completely lost".

    Sheesh, that's a head knock if I ever saw one, but the replay looked somewhat innocuous, in terms of other Match Penalty hits. I am not saying that Max Lapierre is in the clear by any means, but the hit looked initially like your garden variety check into the boards, slightly from behind, but finishing too high on the head.

    It doesn't take much to scramble. I have suffered 2 bad concussions in my life, but to my luck, no lasting effects. Both times I was in La-la land, just like above.

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