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Thread: WTTF Miguel Tejada Auto & GU

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    WTTF Miguel Tejada Auto & GU

    title says it all plmk what you have and please take a look at my auto & gu site to see if i have anything for you thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    The only thing I have is a
    2003 Fleer Double Header Jersey w/ A-Rod Miguel Tejada
    LMK if interested and a list of GU or Autos you will trade for it. BV on it is $8

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    i can use it please take a look at my gu site lmk if you see anything and would you happen to have a scan and i only do gu for gu auto for auto i do have an A.C Tellison auto that books $10 thanks
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    I am interested in your donruss Greats Souv's Mattingly. Anything i could throw in besides the tejada?

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    What other team or player would you be interested in? I would also be interested in some of your other cards for a bigger trade for ones I need from your list.

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    well it depends on what cards you like from me cubs,boston yankees i also collect football
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    I am also interested in your
    Shain Alexander Jersy/auto Team Trademarks
    Maurice Morrise Auto
    also your burrell/cabrera dual sigs.
    Have some stuff on my website and photobucket to trade for including some vintage. LMK and thanks

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    i can do the Maurice Morris Auto but the others are in my PC

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    So who/what else would you be interested in and I can try to find something or look at my web or photo. also what is the book on the Morris auto? I can't find it.

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