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Thread: Selling price?

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    Selling price?

    Hey all... Just thought I would throw this out and get some opinions... I was just wondering, if I was to decide to sell my entire Julius Peppers collection, how much do you guys think I'd be able to get out of it? I've included a direct link the entire list of things, (you'll most likely need Microsoft Word to view it). I know his autographs are going for over book value, so I know I could get at least full book outta' my Contenders auto and all of the others, anyways, any ideas, opinions are welcomed!!!

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    I just recently sold off my Vilma collection and what I did was made lots out of the cards sort of like this:

    02 Donruss Gridiron Kings RC #138
    02 Donruss Gridiron Kings “Bronze” RC #138 as one auction

    02 Fleer Focus JE RC #153 (#’ed 0879/1850)
    02 Fleer Focus JE “Franchise Focus” RC #5 of 32 FF
    02 Fleer Focus JE “Jersey Numbers” RC #153 (#’ed 35/90) as another auction

    02 Leaf Certified “Freshman Fabric” jersey RC #120 (#’ed 326/800)
    02 Leaf Certified “Freshman Fabric Mirror Blue” 2-tone helmet RC #120 (#’ed 015/100)
    02 Leaf Certified “Freshman Fabric Mirror Red” ball RC #120 (#’ed 167/250)

    and so on. Worked out quite well for my Vilma auctions. I think you`d do quite well with your collection this way. Selling it as a complete lot would probably bring you around 40% of the value. If you broke it up into a few lots you might get more?

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