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Thread: Still after vintage

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    Still after vintage

    Im looking to trade my new stuff for your vintage (pre 1970 preferably) please let me know whats out there. Thanks
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    hey Ed, I have these 1959 topps baseball for you:

    1 Ford Frick $60 (would be ex/mt+ but there is a small weird looking pencil? mark on the back)

    46 Bill Henry ex-/vg+

    117 John Blanchard rc ex

    147 Cubs Clubbers $30 w/Banks vg+

    155 Enos Slaughter ex

    166 Destruction crew $30 ex

    184 Harvey Haddix vg

    218 Roman Mejias ex-

    390 Orlando Cepeda ex+

    I might be able to get more tomorrow, and I will get you a list of my football vintage too.

    I liked these from your site
    2005 Contenders MVP Contenders Ben Roethlisberger 1/100
    2005 Classics Mike Patterson 15/1999
    2004 UD Legends Carl Eller
    2005 UD Legends Willie Brown
    2004 Sage Hit Philip Rivers Jersey
    2004 UD Diamond Collection Class of 2004 Dontrelle Willis 51/100

    drop me a pm and lmk if we can do something

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    VERY interested in working a trade. drop me a line tomorrow when you get a list of FB stuff together and we can work out a deal
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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