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Thread: WOW! What a find!

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    WOW! What a find!

    Whoa, and I thought all of my luck was craptastic. So I'm thumbing through a stack of cards I've had sitting around for awhile, be meaning to look them up and log them onto my computer and I come across a redemption card and I'm all "Hmm, don't remember this being there.. ah, it says 2005 Contenders - that's why. My last Beckett didn't have that in there yet." and it says on it 'Round #S Card #12' and I can't really figure out what that means so I figure Round #'s is a set name. I flip through the Beckett and find that I am right and Card #12 is a Quad Auto of Ronnie Brown/Cadillac Williams/Charles Rogers and somebody else, Mike Williams I think. BV is $250!! It's the best card in the set! I was freakin' thrilled! So, when I finally get the card in about 50 years (at best) I'll send you guys a scan. Woot!

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    man I'm going to have to look through my stacks of cards and see if I can get some mojo, good find man.

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    That's probably Carlos Rogers (Charles was drafted 2 years before) but still a sweet find. I wish I could do that one of these days. Still waiting to find that sweet card in my junk.

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    hahah thanks guys. i tell you somethin else i do and find good stuff in my old junk is i type down every RC that i have that is actually listed in beckett, and the ones that arent (from every sport) i just toss them all in this one neat little container then when somebody has a breakout season ill go back and thumb through them and find some nice rookies. did that and found a couple of derrek lee rookies, soriano, and some other good stuff as well. it's easier to do that for baseball than any other sport though

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