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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i like your cabrera auto,and your 2 livingston autos what do they bv check my trade page

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    if you cant work out anything with illinois fever, check my page for either livingston.

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    i'm interested in you rverlander auto, adn maybe the willis g/u. lmk what you are looking for. thanks.

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    Check my site for these.

    Dontrelle Willis Patch
    Miguel Cabrera Auto
    Gilbert Arenas Auto
    Collecting Current Bruins

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    im interested in buying the cabrera verlander and larry johnson (if u are willing to sell it) autos. plmk your best price

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    andrewcstein like your 2005 Pros and Prospects Signs of Stardom Auto Cabrera what do you want for that.

    Lebronfan not selling larry johnson or cabrera, i'll pm you a price on verlander

    mr24tb12 didnt see anything I could use

    illinois fever do not want to sell livingstons want to try get a trade

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    I like all your baseball--check my list-All i have to trade right now is basketball

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    check my post i didnt say i was looking to buy lol.i said check my tradepage.

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    I dont really want to treade the Miguel for either Livingston. I think the SAGE one is $15, and the First Row is $10, the Cabrera is $25, but I dont need both Livingstons. LMK if there is anything else.

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