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    Rate my New Basketball Collection So Far

    Ok, I started a basketball collection from SCRATCH. I collected baseball and wanted to do basketball now. I had NOTHING at all of nbasketball. Over a week I have accquired all of these cards. LMK what you think so far.

    May/Felton Dual BV 100

    Garnett bv 120

    Dwight Howard bv 120

    05-06 UD Reflections JR Smith auto /100
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    i have some very nice cards there way better than mine keep up the good work

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    That's a pretty good start. Have you considered trying to complete an auto or game-used set? Or maybe collect a certain player or team. For a person like myself with a limited budget I have focused on a single player. Regardless for just starting from scratch or not those are some very nice cards!

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    Sweet collection! I think the people who voted "good" didn't read that you did this in one week.

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    yeah, it can be fun to pick one player and really key in on him.

    I have a few (Kirilenko, Arenas, Dwight Howard)

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    That is a very nice collection you started; how long have you been gathering those?

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    Awesome start man!!!! That Wetherspoon kinda looks out of place there though, lol

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    Very nice cards for someone who just started. Good luck with your collection.

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