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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #28

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    Random Sports Trivia #28

    For 40 credits:

    What player was the NBA's leading shot blocker in the 1986-1987 season, how many blocks did he have, and what team did he play for?

    All 3 must be correct

    Only 1 answer per member. :)

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    Straight from ;) Good job Pod!

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    I wanted to get in an answer really quick ..

    but to expand...

    Mark Eaton

    that's 79 = games he played
    321 = number of blocks he had
    4.06 was his average per game

    don't know if I won or not; but just glad to have had the chance to answer a trivia question.


    And BGray, you don't have to give me points for this post...I didn't want to go back and edit my 1st post for fear of my computer freezing up and not being able to post the answer.

    in edit: hey, I got one


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    4 blocks per game is impressive, not very many people do that these days.

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    Gioperation..I would agree. You take a look at the likes of Shaq, and he averages just 2.

    Of course, when you listen to analysts/commentators, they always say that if you play defense well, you don't have to worry about blocking a shot.

    I'll be watching to see how Yao does in next few years. He's much better at 7'6" than the likes of George Muhresan, or Manute Bol or even Shawn Bradley. Yao's a bit more mobile.

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    Yao's common in all of those guys in the fact that he's still skinny as hell. I mean a tall chinese guy is a big enough freak so don't expect to see a jacked Yao anytime soon.

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