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    Valuable Baseball...

    I have from the 1985 All-Star game. I found this ball a few months ago and I was wondering if it was real or fake. If it is real I was also wondering what the value of it is. I was just hoping someone could tell me if it is real. I now have pictures but I am not sure how to post them. If someone could reply to this and let me know I would appreciate it.

    Players on Ball:
    Gary Carter
    Eddie Murray
    Don Mattingly
    Ozzie Smith
    Jim Rice
    Ricky Henderson
    Nolan Ryan
    George Brett
    Mookie Wilson
    Lou Whitaker
    Dwight Gooden
    Carlton Fisk
    Dale Murphy
    Bert Blyleven
    Jack Morris
    Tom Herr
    Steve Garvey
    Dave Winfield
    Lance Parrish

    I attached the best picture I have of it. Can someone tell me if it is real?

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    Im gonna have to guess thats a Facsmile auto ball, but Im not positive.

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    Looks like Lou Whitaker and Carlton Fisk have the same hand-writing. Looks like a fake to me.

    Just my 2-cents!

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    anyway you can take a picture that's not out of focus?

    I'd have to guess it's a facsimile but who with that poor quality picture.

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