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Thread: PSx games for CC --- Cheap!!!

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    PSx games for CC --- Cheap!!!

    I have these Playstation games. All games are in working condition, although they've been lying around for 2 years since I sold my PSx. Anyways, here are the games:

    Need for Speed 2
    Nagano Winter Olympics '98
    A -Train (kind of like SimCity, only with trains.)
    Triple Play '99
    Madden 2000
    NBA Live 2000
    NBA Showtime
    Knockout Kings
    NBA Basketball 2000 (Fox Sports Net presentation)

    I'm taking any and all offers! LMK!

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    how cheaply do you want to get rid of them??I like mdden and triple play. I can also buy if you will sell really cheap. I don't really play ps one but my brother bought it outside a pizzeria for $5. So I guess I could play it.LMK

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    oh, I already traded all the games away for $100 BV. Sorry.

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    I still have the games, the guy backed out and never sent me his cards.

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