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    04 Ultimate Collection Baseball pulls

    welp finally got away with the nickle an dime boxes an finally wised up to buying the high dollar high reward stuff
    bought 3 boxes of 04 Ultimate and 2 05 Ultimate (got a SWEET deal)

    but i opened 1 of the 04s today
    pulled a:

    dual jsy/auto Mike Piazza / Ivan Rodriguez #d /25
    Game Jsy Signature Steve Carlton (i belive this one is also 25 but im not positive)
    Merkin Valdez RC Auto #d /75
    Ultimate Dual Materials Joe Mauer / Mark Prior #d /50

    an lastly one im REALLY likin which is a Ultimate Stat Patch Gold Juan Marichal #d /10

    just seein what you guys feel like offerin LOL

    BIG Lendale White collector at the moment , but would also like some Bush an Lienart stuff

    sorry i know not all 5 are over $100 but i figured i'd mention em anyways LOL

  2. Kronozio
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    got a scan of the Rodriguez/Piazza? what trade value are you putting on it?

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    ya unfortunatley it was one of the redemptions but it I havent seen any pop up so we'll have to see how it comes back

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    open the 05's...NEED DUAL PATCHES /10 AND QUAD PATCHES, and PATCH/Autos love that product

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