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    I need this, does anyone have it???

    Well, I couldnt get rid of my Cadillac donruss elite aspirations /76 or my gold and red status' /24, so I decided to do the Cadillac donruss elite "set". I have all 3 of those parallels and also the turn of the century auto. All I need is the regular set donruss elite rookie /499 of him. Let me know if you have one for trade, thanks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i've got it. what do you have in the $50 range for trade?

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    i did check your bucket, but i didn't see any prices. that's why i was asking what was in the $50 range.

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    Oh, ok well gates auto $30, culpepper patch $50, also have some vick jerseys not on there $20 and $30 each, lmk

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    what's the fitzgerald sweet spot auto book for?

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    $100, sorry not tradin fitz rookie auto for a regular set rookie

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    no problem, i was just asking bv. i wouldn't expect anyone to make that trade. i'm just trying to get something i like. i do like the gates auto. anything else in the $30 range?

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    If Im gunna trade an auto/jersey for it I think it would be fair if the bv was a little in my advantage. I have a terrence newman 05 leaf certified auto /100 bv$15 i could add to gates

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    yeah, i could see trading in your favor a bit, but i'd like to get something i really want. i live near tampa, so the caddy will sell here.
    got any steelers stuff?

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