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Thread: Want Lebron James Cards

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    Want Lebron James Cards

    Want any Lebron James cards including Base
    Mainly want rc's

    Please post bv of the card and your interests

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    03/04 Rookie Exclusives BV $10
    03/04 Ultra Gold Medallion Lucky 13 BV $80

    looking for reggie miller or tayshaun prince. lmk

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    who makes the rookie exclusive
    i just have base of those 2
    some of my rookies are:

    Here are some rookies I have
    93 Upper Deck Derek Jeter
    93 Topps Derek Jeter
    93 UD Carlos Delgado
    94 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Michael Jordan #661 rc

    02-03 topps Amare Stoudamire
    02-03 ud mvp Yao Ming
    98-99 topps Paul Pierce
    99-00 Elton Brand FleerUltra World Premiere 1 0f 10
    94-95 Ultra Jason Kidd
    93-94 upper deck Chris Webber Electric Court
    00-01 topps tipoff Darius Miles
    96-97 Collectors Choice Kobe Bryant
    01-02 UD Pau Gasol
    01-02 UD Shane Battier
    03 Upper Deck Dwyane Wade Air Academy AA31
    00-01 sp Kenyon Martin
    96-97 UD Collectors choice Ray Allen
    95-96 Ultra Kevin Garnett
    96-97 Topps Stadium Club Allen Iverson
    97-98 ud collectors choice Tim Duncan
    99-00 upper deck Steve Francis
    97-98 Skybox Premium Tracy Mcgrady
    00-01 Topps Chrome #ed Morris Peterson
    95-96 Fleer rookie phenoms Rasheed Wallace 10 of 10
    95-96 fleer jerry Stackhouse
    97-98 Fleer Tim Duncan
    00-01fleer futures Mike Miller

    01-02 Topps xpectations RC/AUTO V. radmonovic

    gu- auto

    02-03 Stadium club Lonestar Signatures Shawn Marion
    00-01 Fleer Autographics on Location Baron Davis
    02 Upperdeck MVP MVP materials-Warmup Shareef Abdur Rahim
    Tracy Mcgrady Warm up

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    rookie exclusives is upper deck. sorry nothing interested me.

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    have some inserts and a lot of base of lebron!

    pls check my site..

    like the marion auto, mcgrady GU,

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    didnt really see anything i needed.. i would like to get a deal for some base lebrons if you can come up with somehting from my list

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    I have a few graded subset Rookies ,Also a base rookie ... You have any Shaq Rookies or Inserts.?

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    have 92-93 Fleer Shaq rc

    Topps TCC Crowning Moments CM2
    01-02 UD Honor Roll #39
    01-02 nba Hoops#48
    00-01 Fleer Futures #20

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    Also have about 8 Orlando Magic Base Shaq cards
    and 2 more lakers

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    I've got a few of the Base Fleer rookies is it A parralel or subset.?The rest I could Maybe use..LMK which of the subset rookie you need.

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