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Thread: CC for Autos & GU

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    CC for Autos & GU

    Please list all autos and/or game used you are selling for CC and their amounts. I have taken note of all offers on my previous post and will let everyone know!


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    No thanks.

    Can anyone list all of their autos they'd be willing to sell for CC and asking prices? Thanks.

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    have a fleer patchworks jason giambi gu jersey card bv is 10 it has a pinstripe on edge piece of material isnt centered well though

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    I have a few....check my site and LMK which ones you like. I'll only sell the ones with a BV of $20 and below though...

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    How much for:
    Cust auto
    Rollison auto
    Damon auto
    Jiminez auto



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