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Thread: Buying SP Authentic RC Autos

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    Buying SP Authentic RC Autos

    I am going to try to get 9 nice SP Auto RCs and put them in a holder for display. Below are the players I am considering. I list the price I got off ebay, but please feel free to make other offers. I will decide which players to go for when I see what everyone has and for what price. Thanks!

    Player ------- Paying ------- Best Offer

    Andrew Bogut ---$16.00
    Raymond Felton -$16.00
    Danny Granger ---$4.00
    Joey Graham------$3.00 ------(6.99- Ebay)
    Channing Frye ---$13.00
    Rashad McCants -$15.00------(20.00- panthers4ever)
    Salim Stoudamire -$7.00
    Sean May --------$8.00
    Bracey Wright ----$4.00 ------(4.99- Ebay)

    Charlie Villanueva
    Deron Williams- $17.99
    Nate Robinson- $11.51
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    05-06 Dijon Thompson SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Auto 10/1299 $30.00 (sell for $8)
    05-06 Nate Robinson SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Auto 346/1299 $30.00 (sell for $15, his stuff is still hot)
    05-06 Jason Maxiell SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Auto 178/1299 $20.00 (sell for $8)
    05-06 Louis Williams SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Jsy/Auto 66/100 N/A (dont book sell at $20, rc jsy/auto #/100)

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    I like the Nate Robinson, but $12 is the most I will pay for that one. Please let me know if you could do that. Its what it sells for on ebay.

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    May I ask why you don't buy them on ebay if ebay prices is what you want to pay?

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    Why does anyone buy here? Because it is much easier to deal here. I can search for all the ones I need in one post and take offers from multiple people. It is also more enjoyable for me if I can look between tradepage and hobby talk. As I said, there are some cards I am willing to pay over ebay value for. What do you suggest I buy at, book value? This would be one expensive display.

    Do you have any cards to offer me or are you just being nosey? By the way, I am looking on ebay as well. Check it out and you'll see all the keywords I have to exclude and how many end in the next three days. Take out the players I'm not looking for and there's virtually 5 cards on ebay.

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    I didn't mean to come off wrong and yes I have a mccants but I can't sell it for less than 20 so lmk if that ends up being your best offer

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    Thanks for the offer but looking at what they sell for (and I use ebay for the biggest data source of prices) it seems like they sell $11-$21. It would cost me way too much if I bought 9 of these high end(for me) cards at the top end of the spectrum.

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    ok no problem I just can't see selling a card that books at 50 for 15

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