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Thread: Want: Antoine Wright Autos!

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    Want: Antoine Wright Autos!

    I only have like $16 in paypal, but could trade or buy for Antoine Wright autos. please lmk what you have.


    Aim: the1nonly73191

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    If you catch it, in the next hour or so, I have a Wright poker chip auto on ebay right now.

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    I have a Hardcourt Auto Signature bv is 12. I'll let it go for $6 dlvd.

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    I have a hardcourt signatures. What do you have auto wise that books at 12 or 12-15 BV GU?

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    well i just sold off a spa donta smith auto

    not sure what else i have low end...

    i have some rookies and game used and stuff but not too many low end autos just check my site for anything else or lmk a price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by telfair31wright15
    sorry- wont pay 50% bv- i could get an spx for 6 dlvd

    Then how about $4 delivered. Makes good sense since if I were to post on ebay for $0.99 and $3 shipping.

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    hmm- not too bad and i hate to argue with you, but just wondering how shipping is $3. I know it is on ebay because of ebay listing fees and all of that, but usually First Class is like $1 at most and DC is 50 cents...
    i would love to work out a trade, but am partially trying to save for a few auctions tonight which is why i am trying to bargain so much.

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    I don't to sell it because I won't be able to sell it as low as you want. What does the jack SPA BV?

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    i believe 20 or 25
    i would buy that hardcourt for like 3 dlvd, but im not sure how much higher i could pay cuz i already have one and wanna get more spx or something. lmk.

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