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Thread: Beckett Forums Gone Wild!!!

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    Beckett Forums Gone Wild!!!

    Beckett is over-the-top

    i can see why they dont want people selling stuff on the forums

    BUT....i dont understand why people cant offer to buy on the forums.

    its not like im crowding up the forums with post after post trying to sell stuff.

    im just looking to complete a set

    they have finally lost it!!

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    I Agree. Beckett Is Bad Now!

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    Yes, Beckett is in the toilet. I hardly even go there anymore.

    Even worse is their recent choice for Moderators. It's like any retard with a big mouth and bigger ego qualifies.

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    Lol Iagree I Liked It But Now I Cant Even Get On Without Being Suspeneded!

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    Ya tell me about it man I am currently suspeneded by beckett lol

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    Beckett is okay if you dont offer to buy, offer to sell, or get really rude with someone. My advice is to put your email in you sig and ask people to contact you that way it you are buying/selling.
    As for mouthing off to some of the clearly retarded folks that frequent there, just do it in a way that is, well, above thier intelligence. Thus being much more above the heads of most of the MODs there as well.
    Its a good place for info and thousands of people frequent there every day.
    Just have fun

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    Something "big" happend over there last night-early morning. All I can gather is that some guy was using really poor choice of words, posting incredibly innapropriate pics, and saying he liked kids (more than you should like kids). People went nuts posting threads with the titles "MODS get this guy outta here!" and such. All in all pretty hilarious that so many people got so hopped up.
    I love SCF, %99.9 of the people here are pretty good folks.

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