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Thread: New pulls today:

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    New pulls today:

    busted some random packs today, here's the goods:

    Prestige Matt hasselbeck Gridiron heritage gj
    Omar Jacobs Xtra Points rc/1/100!

    Sage Hit Big 12

    Charlie Whitehurst Blue auto
    Michael Huff Big 12 auto/50


    Lendale White auto

    looking for auto's in all sports

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    Lendale White auto

    Would you sell this one. I could send you out a little cash for it.

    Clay S.

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    check out my page for this
    Michael Huff Big 12 auto/50

    what are you looking for in return?

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    ronnie-looking for an auto in same cash sell range.

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    I can use your Omar and still your Crayton and Washington Contenders Autos
    Check my site and PLMK

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    I have an Elway 92 Collectors Edge Certified Auto. I will sell for $45 dlvd or will trade for a Pujols RC.


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    I don't have much but check my sites for this one. Michael Huff Big 12 auto/50

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    i like this:
    Lendale White Aspire auto
    check out my list here:
    let me know. thanks necron 9d9

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