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    Peyton Manning and Melo Anthony autos 4 Baseball

    Check My Bucket...will go in your favor for a Jeter..

    prefer to trade these (140 BV) for a Jeter or current star auto that books around 120...

    03-04 Fleer Platinum Insc. Carmelo Anthony Auto #/282 BV 60 (Cards008 in scan)

    03 Pros & Prospects Peyton Manning Auto #/500 BV 80 (scan here:

    Only thing off limits are the A-Rod & Griffey autos
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    Hi! Want to do some trading on your Johan Santana auto? What year and print is it? LMK. Thanks!

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    Book is $20 on the Johan Santana LCM Mirror Red Auto? Would you be interested in a 01' Topps Tribute Game Bat Relics RBRJ Reggie Jackson retired number 44 (NY Yankees) Book $25 in trade? LMK. Thanks!

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    Eh don'tlike trading autos for GU...only autos for autos. Doesn't have to be Yankees.

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    Hey! I've got a 01' Luis Rivas Leaf Rookies and Stars "Freshman Orientation" FO 9, gu bat/auto. Book is $20. I also have a 05' Donruss Greats Kent Hrbek auto, I believe it books for $15. Interested in either of these? LMK. Thanks!

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    2004-Bowmans's Best-Ramon Ramirez RC- Sweet Looking

    PLMK if ur interested, it books for 8

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